Shooting video for an upcoming American Horror Story: Asylum song cover with @mike90v!

He makes such a handsome Dr. Thredson! *__* #AmericanHorrorStory #AHS #OliverThredson #SisterJude #ViolinistBAKA #Asylum #ZacharyQuinto
I… live? @_@ (update)

Whew… These last couple of months have really been a doozy. @__@
I’ve been totally occupied with grad school auditions! (and have just started  getting replies back from schools… Looking good so far! *fingers crossed*)

Sadly, I hardly had any time to work on YouTube stuff, but I’m getting back into it again.

aaand a list of little update things!


KILL LA KILL!!! I’ve completely fallen in love with the OST for KLK and the next song I’m working on for a YouTube vid is “Before My Body is Dry” (Ryuuko’s Theme) ! I’ll be collaborating with MegaJosh again and we’ve got it about 1/3rd done already.

I’m playing in a videogame/anime cover ensemble that one of my friends has put together  called “Shin Sekai Cover Project” and we will be playing a set at PAX East in April! SO EXCITED YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. ~~~ Some details about it here.

not exactly cover music related… but my graduation recital is coming up on Sunday and my school will be livestreaming it! It’ll be on 3/23 @ 1pm EST ~~~>(HERE)<~~~
Stop by and listen! <3 

Anyone going to Anime Boston? I was called in, super last minute, to perform at The Materia and Mana Ball tomorrow, as part of a trio. We’ll be playing some fancy shmancy elegant waltz music between 6:30 and 7:30. If you happen to be around then, do say hi! ~_~


and that’s it for now… Sorry, as always for yet another looooong hiatus… I still exist! and I have a bunch of songs I’d really like to work on soon >w<

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*flailing, falling over, knocking over things, breaking shit*

(Also, Magnussen’s theme song was pretty delicious.)

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